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"Stanislav" building, 179.6 m2

"Stanislav" building, 179.6 m2

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The price is indicated only for the house with all communications, which are included in the "turnkey" package

- Individual architectural project

- Tape foundation, monolithic

- Walls - beam width 200mm

- Roof, rafter system, insulated with mineral wool

- Bituminous tiles

- Energy-saving windows

- Entrance armored door

- Water circuit of the warm floor on the first floor

- Heating radiators on the second floor

- Comb, pumps, boiler wiring

- Electric boiler, boiler

- Electrical wiring around the house

- Borehole up to 100m

- Cold and hot water distribution throughout the house

- Autonomous sewage system of 7 cubic meters

- Partitions made of wooden lining.

The price per m2 is $650 from profiled and cylindrical timber. The price per m² is $850-1000 for glued timber. We are building for 1.5-3 months. We will help with the selection of the plot and documents. For more detailed information, contact us in messages, Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp.


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