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Watch a short video taken by the 24 channel about the developer and founder of TEOS DEVELOPER GROUP

Our task is to settle people in ecologically clean square meters, that is why we are building cottage towns for you near Kyiv since 2012

Evgenia Bolibrukh is a fragile girl with a strong character who destroys the stereotype that construction is not a woman's business. She builds fantastic wooden cottages in the Kyiv region, she writes 24 channel.

Several dozen men are under her command. And the internal discipline laid down by her military father helps the girl manage and keep all processes under control.

Evgenia did not come to construction from a good life. At the age of 14, she started working part-time as a bricklayer-plasterer, later she did apartment repairs, learned to do all finishing works.

"I fell in love with this business. You create, you build. You are the Creator. He created the world, and you create some objects," said Yevgenia Bolibrukh.

At the age of 19, Evgenia was already organizing her own construction crews.

"There is such a problem in Ukraine - no matter what kind of contract you have, you are mostly fired, not paid extra, and your salary is withheld. I thought that it would be good to become a real estate developer," said the startup woman.

Evgenia built the first log house for herself and realized that she wanted to build such houses for others as well.

It takes up to three months for one ready-to-move log cabin. Currently, the girl already has 180 completed properties.

"I didn't have the faith in wooden houses that I have now. This had to be experienced in practice. That's why I built a bathhouse. When I found out that I was pregnant, I thought that then it would be a house," Yevgenia recalled.

The girl built her house in three weeks and moved in with her family almost immediately. The house turned out to be warm - it was first heated with a small metal stove - a "burzuyka". It did not need such interior decoration as brick.

"He always smells like wood. You always hear this smell, no matter how old the log cabin is," she said.

Nowadays, the girl recalls with a smile about bankruptcy, mismanagement of earnings and poverty.

"We need to look for advantages, if we look for disadvantages, then we will never build anything... I live by the fact that people stay here, that they build Ukrainian, support Ukrainian, we can build. And I believe in Ukraine," Bolibruch emphasized.

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