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Woman in Yellow

We express our gratitude to the company, first of all, for the ability to find an approach to the client. My husband and I count ourselves among picky customers and were surprised when we saw the prompt execution of our requirements and the reliability of jointly adopted decisions. My husband and I value peace, privacy and comfort. In our country house, there are no neighbors across the wall like in the city, there is very peaceful sleep and no more hustle and bustle. Thank you for another dream come true :)

Alla Rothko

Романтическая пара

In connection with the increase in the family, they decided to increase the living space and turned to this company on the recommendation of friends. We already had a clear idea of what our house should be, but after viewing it, we realized that 80m² is not enough, we decided to increase it to 120m² (by the way, the difference in terms of money did not turn out to be big). Together with the architect, we created an optimal layout, selected materials. We had our own land, so the process went quickly. All work was completed on time, the guys did 110%! The house turned out even better than we imagined. We would like to express our gratitude to the Teos company. Prosperity and success!

Artur Omelyan

Умный старший мужчина

We have been living in a house made of profiled timber for four years. Of course, I heard that such houses are very economical in terms of content, but I did not think that it was so. To heat the house, we installed an electric boiler, on the coldest days it worked only at 1/3 of its capacity, considering the warm water floor. We also did not install air conditioners, as the manager immediately assured us that there was absolutely no need for this, the house is really cool and fresh in the summer. My family really likes to live and relax in our house, we thank the "Teos" company for their work!

Stas Vodolazin

Зрелые женщины

Hello to all those who love everything ecological and natural! We would like to express our great gratitude to the company of wizards "TEOS developer group".

We are city dwellers who have lived in apartments all our lives. But there comes a time in everyone's life when they want to sit on the rubble of their home, rummage through the beds, plant a tree.
We are grateful to fate for bringing us together with this company.
We chose the "Original" house made of profiled timber and added a carport to it.
A little impressed after an hour:
First of all, it is an ecological house, and the smell! Friends came and could not breathe, it smells like freshly cut wood. Secondly, the construction cost us less than a cinder block house of the same size. Thirdly, economy on interior decoration. Fourthly, the terms of construction (for several months!). Fifth - space for creativity (wooden walls are easy to paint, they change color depending on the mood, we painted with water emulsion, odorless and dries quickly).
And, of course, thermal efficiency! I already wrote about it here, I won't repeat it.
Everything is done conscientiously, there are no complaints.
Finally, they allowed themselves to get a dog and a cat. We are very happy! Thank you for our home. Sincerely, Ignatenko family, Vyshhorod, Kyiv region.

Svetlana Ignatenko

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